Server Rules

Full details of the server rules for players and staff can be found here:

Please note Grief Protection now requires that a player be 8000 blocks from spawn.

Key points are:

1/No Griefing / Raiding more than 3000 blocks from Spawn (3k to -3k on either axis) ?Up to 3000 blocks it is permitted to raid & grief all you want

2/Respect other players and staff

3/No hacking or Modded clients

4/No you cant be staff or have OP, asking could get you banned

5/Please read the info signs at spawn, it will explain nearly everything you need to know

6/Be polite in chat: racism, swearing, sexism, spamming or advertising including URL’s WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

7/No taking advantage of any errors, glitches, or loop holes in the mechanics of Minecraft, the unique features of the Matrix, its banking system, games, points system or any other cheating / passive hacking.

The ignorance of this will result in 1 of 2 things occuring. Your banned or your player data and base will be wiped clean and you start new afresh with nothing.

8/ Spawn and the area around it is not to be built on, raided, griefed or otherwise interfered with.

8/ Staff may kick players who are AFK fishing, grinding, etc. Play the game properly.

10/ Please do not disclose End Portal locations to random players, make them work for it too!

11/ Do not use alt of yourself, use 1 account and 1 account only. Other accounts found that aren’t in use by Kings will be banned.

The rules are not exhaustive, if a staff member asks you not to do something, please listen and do as asked.

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