Server Rules

Full details of the server rules for players and staff can be found here:

Please note Grief Protection now requires that a player be 15,000 blocks from spawn. This refund will only be given 2 times, should a 3rd time occur, we will assist in moving your items to a new base of your location as by this point we’re helping the Griefer/Raider rather then yourself.

Key points are:

1/No Griefing / Raiding past 10,000 blocks from Spawn on the +/- X/Z Axis

2/Respect other players and staff

3/No hacked or Modded clients

4/No you cant be staff or have OP, asking WILL get you banned

5/Please read the info signs at spawn, it will explain nearly everything you need to know

6/Be polite in chat: racism, swearing, sexism, spamming or advertising including URL’s WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

7/No taking advantage of any errors, glitches, or loop holes in the mechanics of Minecraft, the unique features of the Matrix, games or any other cheating / passive hacking.

The ignorance of this will result in 1 of 2 things occuring. Your banned or your player data and base will be wiped clean and you start new afresh with nothing.

8/ Spawn and the area around it is not to be built on, raided, griefed or otherwise interfered with, including but not limited to Neo Nether.

9/ Staff may kick players who are AFK fishing, grinding, etc if there is a high user count.

10/ Please do not disclose End Portal locations to random players, make them work for it too!

11/ Do not use alt of yourself, use 1 account and 1 account only. Other accounts found that aren’t in use by Kings will be banned.

12/ Do not prevent users from exiting the PVP arena, such as camping out the exit etc.

13/ Please do not ask for Day/Night or Weather Change as this wont happen.

14/ Do not ask for a TP to a location unless your bed has somehow been destroyed.

15./ There is a Server Enderman Farm, no other Endermen farms are to exist on the server in The_End.

16./ Traveling using the Roof of the Nether is PROHIBITED as this causes latency issues on the server, you may build on top of the Nether, but strictly no travel.

17./ Each individual Villager MUST have a Bed & WorkStation, with 1 Bell for every 8 Villagers, so they can gossip.  This also cuts down on latency issues caused by villagers trying to path find.

The rules are not exhaustive, if a staff member asks you not to do something, please listen and do as asked.

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@invelica: @4CH1LLE5 hey! saw this thread and dug up an article. it sounds to me like a group presenting to the Diet during business hours and using their (hopefully large) stream viewcount to reinforce their case. will be happy to help out and this cleared it up for me!
h J R
@survivetheark What was changed//fixed in 318.12 ?
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@Direwolf20 Im looking for a new comp chair thats not overpriced, but has really good ergonomic support being your a long time streamer spending often many hours yourself in such a chair, i was wondering if there is any brand or so your more particular to thats worth looking at?
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@D3m0n143 @JacksofAmerica How bout a brand new car over the Dog dem0n lol
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