Matrix Player and Staff Ranks

So while playing on the server you will come across players with coloured titles next to their names,
some are staff and others are player ranks. Read on to find out what they mean:

Player Ranks:
(Attainable by any player)


The Architect rank is an honorary rank given to players who have created builds that are utterly
amazing. Only the very best builders on the server will be awarded this rank for creating unique,
detailed and often huge constructions in survival.

The rank is awarded by Morpheus1101, don’t ask for it, if your build is looking impressive staff will
find it and take note of your progress.

The rank comes with more than just recognition of your building skills, Architects can access creative
mode on the server to allow them to build even more impressive structures.
Please don’t ask them to TP you, they cant. Also don’t pester them for resources as giving away things from their creative inventory will result in the Architect losing the rank forever.


Server hosting doesn’t come cheap, and a world as big as the Matrix needs a lot of server power to
keep it running smoothly. Our game is run on high end hosting which costs a considerable sum each month and is paid for by contributions from players with Morpheus having to make up the difference.

Donators as players who choose to give an amount of money each month towards the running cost of the server. Staff give up their time to build, maintain and moderate the game. Donators give money to keep the server alive.
In recognition of this they receive the title and our thanks.

Donations do not have to be huge and there is no commitment to donate each month, every single dollar helps.

Staff Ranks:
(Remember please do not ask to become staff, when staff are needed we advertise)


These consist of the owner(Morpheus1101) and the 2 Co-Owners Iffy_Shizzle and Scoobymad555


Experienced  server staff, with a huge knowledge of Minecraft and the Matrix server with all its little details. Admins are experienced staff who cut their teeth as Mods and now guide the newer staff in managing the  server day to day.


Short for Moderator, the first staff rank and the most numerous of the Matrix staff. Mods are there to help with problems, police the server, catch hackers and prevent people breaking the rules.

All  Mods want to impress so they can be promoted further so for you script kiddies, griefers, chat room warriors or other people determined to break the rules the Mods are hunting you.

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