Matrix Player and Staff Ranks

So while playing on the server you will come across players with coloured titles next to their names,
some are staff and others are player ranks. Read on to find out what they mean:

Player Ranks:
(Attainable by any player)


Server hosting doesn’t come cheap, and a world as big as the Matrix needs a lot of server power to
keep it running smoothly. Our game is run on high end hosting which costs a considerable sum each month and is paid for by contributions from players with Morpheus having to make up the difference.

Donators as players who choose to give an amount of money each month towards the running cost of the server. Staff give up their time to build, maintain and moderate the game. Donators give money to keep the server alive.
In recognition of this they receive the title and our thanks.

Donations do not have to be huge and there is no commitment to donate each month, every single dollar helps.

Staff Ranks:
(Remember please do not ask to become staff, when staff are needed we advertise)


These consist of the owner(Morpheus1101) and the 2 Co-Owners Iffy_Shizzle and Scoobymad555


Experienced  server staff, with a huge knowledge of Minecraft and the Matrix server with all its little details. Admins are experienced staff who cut their teeth as Mods and now guide the newer staff in managing the  server day to day.


Short for Moderator, the first staff rank and the most numerous of the Matrix staff. Mods are there to help with problems, police the server, catch hackers and prevent people breaking the rules.

All  Mods want to impress so they can be promoted further so for you script kiddies, griefers, chat room warriors or other people determined to break the rules the Mods are hunting you.

Comments (8) on Matrix Player and Staff Ranks

  1. Kiwi

    Hi Morpheus,

    Thenzkiwifruit here, recently got back into mine craft.
    lost my old user account but now NZKiwiFruit.
    hopefully you still remember me.

    Would be good if we could catch up on your server, as i see you’re still running vanilla. Id be interested in seeing you’re setup and command blocks etc.

    Anyways let me know my email is:
    and on new zealand time

  2. I have been playing on the server for 5 months now and know all the tricks & tips in minecraft and on the server. I have noticed the lack of moderators online for most of the time I am on. So I am offering my time and skill in minecraft and in discord if you need it or decide to accept me as a moderator to watch over the playerbase and maybe help it grow a little. You can easily find me from the discord server with name Unukki and I can offer my help in there aswell since managing discord server is one of the things I do and I am good with the discord bots also ofcourse. I also have an eye for architechual skill & would love to recreate some pretty buildings into your minecraft server once I have the time.

    My name is Jason Rhodes ingame aka Unukki. I am 17 years old highschooler from Finland.

    • admin

      Please make sure you are on our Discord Server and that you are using your IGN as your name there plz 🙂

  3. Isabelle Wansell (MysticIzzy)

    Hey Morph, I know that staff applications aren’t open however there are more players logging on and no staff online at all, so I’d like to apply for staff. I feel that I can offer a lot to the server in the form of making spawn look nicer, moderating players and chat. I also have a lot of experience in terms of being staff, since I have been staff on several other Minecraft servers. I can also help matrix grow a little, which is always nice since getting more players makes the community nicer. I can be active almost every day and can bring a lot to the server overall.

    My name is Isabelle Lia Wansell, aka MysticIzzy. I’m 17 and I live in the UK.

    • admin

      MysticIzzy .. How often do you play each day?

      • Isabelle Wansell

        I can be online almost everyday, and while I did take a 2 week break recently, I’m coming back to the server and gonna play a lot more.

        • admin

          I’ll add you, but Spawn is not to be touched and as i’ve told the other staff, im giving the server untill 1.17 release to become populated with users, otherwise it will likely be shut down

          • Isabelle Wansell

            Ok, I won’t touch spawn :). As for growing the server, I’ll promote it as much as I can.

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@survivetheark What was changed//fixed in 318.12 ?
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