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Architect Guidance

For all those who have achieved the architect rank, please see the below notes on how to use your ranks abilities First & foremost the benefits of access to GM1 and unlimited resources are to further your build, and your build alone. You must not give resources obtained other than through your own survival play […]

NWO Update & Snapshots

Things are getting very close to the Testing phase of this map, iffy_shizzle and scoobymad555 have been working on this map for quite a few months now and have put in some tremendous effort and from what i have seen, this will be a great Map and not for the squeamish or for those who […]


Id personally like to thank iffy_shizzle and scoobymad for there overwhelming support of the Matrix Vanilla server both ingame an out of game, they hav done some tremendous work and helped kept things running smoothly during my 2 month absence as well as a lot of testing an bug fixing/adjusting. Not only are these 2 […]

we would like players input an thoughts

What is it that players want in a server an out of games? What factors do the avg player look for in deciding on a server to play on perm? We’re looking to try an design a few biggish games with a big WOW! factor, but to do this, we need the above question answered […]

New Server Update

The server has moved over to a New Dedicated machine separate from a MC Hosting Company and loads more RAM an space. The updates to DNS may take some time to update for everyone depending on your ISP, so please be patient, we are up and running and haven’t abandoned you.

Do you have a New Mini Game and/or Improvement Idea?

With the 1.9 Snapshots starting possibly within the next few days, we are branching out to you the community for feature requests for Mini Games and/or Improvements youd like to see be trailed in the 1.9 Snapshots ready to be included in the new map for 1.9 Release. To have your say no matter how […]

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