Ban Appeals

If you wish to appeal a ban from the Vanilla Matrix Server, please

lodge your request for a review of the ban via the Matrix Server Forum

under the “Courthouse Section”


Comments (7) on Ban Appeals

  1. sonicx1234

    some one FRAMED me for greifing and blamed it on me
    please please let me come back on all i want is 2 play with my freinds one of
    your servers staff banned me because they thaught i was doing the greifing when it actually was some one else plz plz plz let me come back on i beg
    you i will be so happy if you can

  2. beach_boy98

    I’m banned this morning. I have no idea why. I put in a complaint yesterday for another player. This is proberbly just them trying to get back at me. I really like this server and don’t wanna be banned.

  3. sonicx1234

    plzplzplz unban me this is my favrite servr 2 play on and i was framed so plz lemme come back plzplzplz PS:oh yeah my game tag is sonicx1234

  4. NINJA_of_MC

    I have no idea why I was banned. I WAS griefing, that is true, but it was within the grief limit of 3000 blocks from spawn, but I was banned, then kicked because the house was “cool.” I don’t see the logic behind this. Gamertag: NINJA_of_MC

    • Morpheus1101

      My apologies for the misunderstanding. I have spoken with the mod and re-affirmed the rulings reguarding allowed areas for Griefing//Raiding and that you were in the allowed area. I have removed your ban.

  5. Morpheus1101

    You have been pardoned

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Matrix Server Owner

@invelica: @4CH1LLE5 hey! saw this thread and dug up an article. it sounds to me like a group presenting to the Diet during business hours and using their (hopefully large) stream viewcount to reinforce their case. will be happy to help out and this cleared it up for me!
h J R
@survivetheark What was changed//fixed in 318.12 ?
h J R
@Direwolf20 Im looking for a new comp chair thats not overpriced, but has really good ergonomic support being your a long time streamer spending often many hours yourself in such a chair, i was wondering if there is any brand or so your more particular to thats worth looking at?
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@D3m0n143 @JacksofAmerica How bout a brand new car over the Dog dem0n lol
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