Architect Guidance

For all those who have achieved the architect rank, please see the below notes on how to use your ranks abilities

  • First & foremost the benefits of access to GM1 and unlimited resources are to further your build, and your build alone.
  • You must not give resources obtained other than through your own survival play to other players.
  • Do not store resources from creative inventory. Its pointless and other players may raid anything you have in chests.
  • Do not build with exotic materials where players could steal it. No diamond block builds inside the 10k player area!
  • Do not allow other players to pressure you into helping them build or give them resources.
  • If you share a base with non ranked players they must respect your rank is a privilege, and that their actions could cause you to lose it.

The Architect rank is a rank of recognition for your efforts so far and to allow you to build bigger and better things. Do not let other players spoil your enjoyment. It is not a staff rank and you are under no obligation to help other players or answer questions in chat beyond what any member of the Matrix player community would do.

So have fun, build impressive things with your extra in game abilities and watch out for people who may try to abuse your position. If anyone is a particular problem in asking for resource from you please let one of the staff know.

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