NWO Update & Snapshots

Things are getting very close to the Testing phase of this map, iffy_shizzle and scoobymad555 have been working on this map for quite a few months now and have put in some tremendous effort and from what i have seen, this will be a great Map and not for the squeamish or for those who like it easy.

Great and very very big rewards await in 1 particular game, that will try even the most hardcore of players to rage, yell and scream(Just ask maxine2304).

A some of you may have also noticed, we’ve been trialing the newer more upto date snapshots, with very dismal success, with severe lag issues occurring after short periods. We are hoping that mojang eventually sort of the various issues causing this, Path Finding being a big cause, until then we shall remain with 15w47c until such time as a new Snapshot proves stable enough to be run full time.

As always i thankyou all of you who continue to play on the server and we look forward to seeing you around.

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