we would like players input an thoughts

What is it that players want in a server an out of games? What factors do the avg player look for in deciding on a server to play on perm?

We’re looking to try an design a few biggish games with a big WOW! factor, but to do this, we need the above question answered by as many people so we can build and gain some fundamental idea process on how to steucture these games.

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  1. ssssssBOOM

    It would be fun to be able to set a couple tp locations to quickly return to locations you frequent, like a village you are working on, etc. Could use /trigger tp set N and /trigger he set N to set?

    • Morpheus1101

      Unfortunately thats not possible, that is a limitation within minecraft itself an only something available via Bukkit or Modded.

  2. SpeedRider

    please can you add flying so people can buy it with money on your store for may be $10 this wood be very cool thx for reading

  3. SpeedRider

    please bring back smelter he was great thx

  4. Tallone55

    Please enable mobGriefing. To prevent the spawn from being damaged you can set up repeating command blocks which teleport creepers and the like to the void. “/tp @e[type=Creeper,r=50] ~ ~-256 ~”

    • Morpheus1101

      Presently i’ve decided to not have mob griefing on, although we all ready have a system in place to deal with creepers, it isnt something we are looking at presently. However things may change in the future, once full NWO map has been released and everything has settled into what it is and how it operates.

  5. iiPaladin

    I think you should make the server Spigot.

    Reason #1: Hackers. They will be a big deal once 1.9 is released. You will need all the help you can get with banning hackers. NoCheat+ will take care of that, along with many other plugins.

    Reason #2: You should add Essentials, but only allow us players to have access to /kits. The kits could consist of a small amount of food, and starting equipment for your journey ahead of you.

    Thank you for reading! Hope I could benefit in any way possible!

    • Morpheus1101

      Thanks for the comment. We will always be a Vanilla server and wont run spigot/bukkit or anything of those means. Hackers will always be a problem and Staff have means of detecting and watching out for hackers as majority use the same ways as prev versions of minecraft.

      Once the full NWO map is released there will be starter food an items as a once off, after that you will need to gather your own items and food to survive.

  6. TSM

    I personally think the fabulous person TSMgr8terthanFNC should get therapy for the trauma that is the PurPur Nightmare- thanks scooby. Really. 1560 deaths and counting!

    P.S. I despise that last stretch of parkour, its very difficult with the annoying skeleton archers, and it makes me want to go insane. Thanks for the read.

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