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Matrix User Chat / Re: What MAY happen when NWO is released
« Last post by Valin_vitale on September 11, 2018, 11:34:04 PM »
What happened to all the other people's posts?  :-\
Matrix User Chat / Re: What MAY happen when NWO is released
« Last post by BrianRe on September 11, 2018, 10:28:12 AM »
You will NOT lose any items, your spawnpoint will likely be reset so you can gain all the necessary scoreboard objectives that will run the game which is done as if you were people using testosterone boosters hence your SPAWNPOINT MAYBE lost.

So there isn't going to be a complete wipe? Why's that?
Matrix User Chat / What MAY happen when NWO is released
« Last post by Morpheus1101 on August 20, 2018, 05:53:20 AM »
You will NOT lose any items, your spawnpoint will likely be reset so you can gain all the necessary scoreboard objectives that will run the game which is done as if you were a NEW player, hence your SPAWNPOINT MAYBE lost. no items are lost, no bases are lost unless you dont have a screen shot or have written down the cords to your base. Your player file does not get deleted or removed.
Matrix User Chat / Application to be Staff
« Last post by Morpheus1101 on August 02, 2017, 11:01:34 AM »
When we require staff we will sometimes place a link advertised on the server and in our discord where you can apply. DO NOT however submit applications of your own accord on the forum, Discord or ask about it on the server.
Matrix User Chat / Re: Tell your story of what brought you to Matrix...
« Last post by DaGermanTiger on May 30, 2017, 03:13:33 AM »
I had originally been on a really good server and used to be admin on it. Was on it for a good 2 years before it shut down. After that I didn't play Minecraft for a long time. Just recently I got back into it and was looking for vanilla servers and found this one. I've played on it a lot for the past almost week and played on it for almost one sleepless night (I went to bed about 6 am). Overall I love this server and hope to experience more on it.
Matrix User Chat / Re: Tell your story of what brought you to Matrix...
« Last post by Valin_vitale on December 03, 2016, 05:41:38 PM »
Well i was looking for fun servers to play in 1.9 snapshots because i wanted something different also  and then i saw this server, so i went on and teamed up with DevGM and someone else and the rest is history i joined in august/september 2015
Matrix User Chat / Re: Tell your story of what brought you to Matrix...
« Last post by Harsh_echo on October 04, 2016, 12:16:52 AM »
My friend HippoMonk found the server and invited me to play, and the rest is history  :P
Matrix User Chat / Hackers and what you need to know ....
« Last post by Scoobymad555 on August 24, 2016, 08:38:10 PM »
Lets start with myself, Iffy and Morph thanking you guys for your concerns and your loyalty to the server :)

There's multiple reports and on more than one occasion there's been calls for us to do 'something' to stop the hackers. Without getting into some pretty deep technical conversations (which we won't do) basically, as a pure vanilla server there's not a lot we can do to actually 'stop' the hackers from joining up to the server due to the way that Mojang have written the game. There are 'some' things we can implement that myself and iffy have been working on but unfortunately, they place a great deal of extra load onto the server which will in turn have an effect on you guys from a playing point of view. On that basis we've decided that we won't be putting things like that on. In the grand scheme of things they're not really needed anyway and if you want to read on, I'll explain why ....

Basically the guys that join up and claim to be 'hackers' are in actual fact morons. They're not hackers ... most of them are barely even literate or in fact old enough to leave their own house without their mothers permission. What they really are is cheaters and losers that suck so hard at a simple game they have to resort to using a modified client written by someone else that all they've done is downloaded in order to behave like an idiot instead of doing something productive with their time. Not one of these CHEATERS claiming to be hackers even remotely have the ability to actually hack a public server ... in fact, they probably couldn't hack their way out of a paper bag if you gave them a sword. They certainly don't have the ability to genuinely hack a server that's been built by guys that actually know what they're doing.
What you guys need to know is that the server is VERY secure - it will never be hacked by one of those idiots. It's also protected from Denial of Service attacks by one of the biggest and industry leading services so someone trying to chuck a few pings at the server from his home pc isn't going to get very far. On top of all of that, it's also set up in a professional data centre that allows us direct control - if it comes to it, one phone call is all that's required to have someone physically stood in front of our actual real server. Finally, everything is backed up and stored at a different secure location so, even if the absolute worst were to somehow happen, we'd only be offline for a minimal amount of time anyway.

All of that said, we do still need your help! Unfortunately because the server isn't run for profit, none of the staff (including the Kings) actually get paid - any donations go purely to the running costs of the server. This means that all of the staff are purely volunteers and the Kings cover any additional costs or technical stuff that the server may require which obviously has to be done in their spare time. Sometimes it's not possible for staff to be on all the time and the number of staff will go up and down all the time just because that's what happens on public servers. What we need from you guys is your continued loyalty and dedication! Report the CHEATERS or the problems caused by them on this forum - it's partly why we created it! The important thing to remember though is, we need names and proof to fairly do anything. We can't act on things like "my friend steve said someone told him they saw someone else flying" - it MUST be yourself that witnesses the cheat, we do need a full and correct name and, we need a screenshot provided which must not be edited or cropped etc.

Final thing to say - relax :) - The Matrix has been around longer than a lot of servers and it's going to be around for more time to come yet - it'll take a lot more than some idiot with a cheat client to do any kind of serious damage that'll have anything more than the smallest of maybe slightly annoying effects on us! :)
Matrix User Chat / Re: Tell your story of what brought you to Matrix...
« Last post by SpeedRider on August 17, 2016, 06:02:05 AM »
the disclaimer for this is that i no longer use hacks ever.

i started to play one the matrix after my base was stolen on i think avengers server i think. it was a survival server with custom biomes.

so then i stared to look for server it took a long time.i went to server to server i must of gone throw 100s server.then i fowd this server it hade a really nice bank sitome and villager this time i did not under stand that there wers plugin servers and vanilla and uthere as ever noob joins the server i ask how do i /sethome and tpa ever one said that it a vanilla server and it not in vanilla so i was ok with it because the server had some thing i think it was /triger it was sethome and kill and spawn so i mad a base nere spawn and started to jet resors and difrent things so i invited my greind dagonhunter at the time. so i was not get enough resources so i went and download xray mod it had fly xray fall brite. so i got some stuff tried to do a really nice build it was in dark oak biome it was at 1.8 and then i lost my base and i did not know what to do so i left the server for a while and i went on a faction server that my friend vice played on and i just stuffed around e built an nice little home on the roof of the nether with grass then one day we come on the server and it was all removed :( by proper faction players. so i remembered this server and how fun it was with the villagers trads and ever thing. so i came back and started a massive build of the tree i mined so much wood and an architect said that he would fix my axe when i need it and when he gave it back it had ef 5 from 4 but id did not complain and then i ask mod if i can have some logs so i can keep doing my build so she ask morp and he said yes. and i had so much wood. then i joined a village because it was to hard to do the branches of the build or the leaves so i stop. but i may one day if i ever get arctic ill probably build it but how knows. and now i have really nice build that ill be putting on the build forms soon i think.


sorry for the bad grammar
Matrix User Chat / Re: Tell your story of what brought you to Matrix...
« Last post by ViceGraphics on August 16, 2016, 05:22:57 PM »
well its all started i don't even know it was a while ago ok... My friend Speedrider was playing on the matrix server for a while and was working an a BIG project and half way through he said HEY what to help me build this "thing" and i wasn't really interested but i thought why not and i got there and it was a massive tree... and i mean MASSIVE and so i started to help him bored at first but then started to really get into it and then the time came for the branches for the tree and pretty much we gave up :P some time later he was back on the matrix building again and said remember the matrix sever when we built a massive tree i only really remember the regret of helping but i joined again and we wanted to start making big builds (thankfully not a massive tree) and well that didn't happen for a long time we just kinda stayed in our little houses and waited for something awesome to happen and then i got tired and thought lets build another house but this time a huge one and i started to build another house but much bigger than my last i built it and was very happy with it and then continued to build more, after some time out of the blue i got architect and thought grate I'm gonna make myself a city and so i did, bigger and bigger it got each day, and that's how i found the matrix and why i stayed on the matrix :D
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