Matrix 1.12.2+ Minecraft Server’s

Welcome to the Matrix Family of Minecraft Servers.


Welcome to the new permanent home of the Matrix Series Minecraft Servers. Im hoping to get a lot done and make this look fantastic with a few features to keep everyone updated, with help from those who do this for a living.

Also a big thankyou to Iffy_Shizzle for the design of this page and the great way it appears.


What are we about?

We are a series of currently 1 Server(With more planned), Vanilla Minecraft Survival. We strive to have as much fun as possible without requiring the use of the vast majority of plugins/mods currently available and rapidly growing. The Vanilla server is Family Friendly and we respect the fact of Diverse users ranging in age & gender hence why we like to keep chat both in our Skype & Server chat to reflect this. Below are the list of the 3 servers we run. – Vanilla

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Matrix Server Owner

No Stream today sorry folks, got lots of things to do and the pack is slightly broken atm, but we will be back tomo…
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RT @pdcmovie: Our crowdfunding campaign for "People Don't Die in the Comics Anymore" is live! Check it out on @IndiegogoFilm
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